Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

While the rest of employed Kenyans are whining about January blues, it’s all just another day in the life of a comrade. College is supposed to be the time of our lives (unless you’re in Moi Uni), so why do we have to be so damn broke all through it? We all know what it’s like to be the “starving student”. Everything is so expensive! Hostels, alcohol, food, dates, alcohol, parties… And every time some ‘financial breathing room’ pops up, something always seems to come up. But perhaps there’s other ways to maneuver through it all.

Many students receive some form of financial aid when attending school. Everything from grants, scholarships, and student loans go into a student’s reward package. Sometimes there is an overage on a student’s account when tuition and fees have been paid to the school and there is some financial aid money left over. As a rule of thumb, parents are never to be made aware of this. Ever! If properly budgeted, this money should be enough to keep you afloat through those thick times.

Granted jobs, even part-time one’s are hard to come by in these parts. But it doesn’t hurt to look. An extra 10K a month will go a significantly long way in raising that much needed extra income. And considering this is your money, you can spend it any how you please. To start off, consider work study programs on campus.

Travel light. Money has a way of ‘disappearing’ whenever you carry it around. Only carry what you need and make a habit of accounting for every shilling when you get back to your room. Easier said than done.

If you live in the hostels, consider alternative meal options to save that extra shillings on your day to day expenses. Take a trip to the Club 36’s of UoN or the KM’s of KU and you’ll be surprised at how much cheaper supper can be in comparison to the average cafeteria or student Centre.

‘Free’ is your friend.. Take advantage of the free things on offer. Whether it’s a free ride to USIU or the free campus parties and events. Anything that doesn’t require you to dig into your pocket is more than welcome.

You know that saying about how blood is thicker than water? Well this is the time to put it to work through relatives. Call up a random uncle or working cousin just to say “hi” and throw in an account of your hungry nights in the midst of the conversation. Works all the time.


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