Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day is here? Again? For those in love this is a day to express ones love towards his/her partner. Simple as love is in its basic concept, love can be quite expensive.  The phrase “no Romance without finance” comes to mind. And quite appropriately so.

Interestingly though, broke or not your partner expects to be shown some love. These days going for a stroll in the park just won’t cut it. In fact free expressions of love are often regarded as boring and associated with losers. On the other hand, though,extravagance, especially on  Valentine’s Day is christened beautifully including but not limited adjectives such as sweet, awesome and romantic.

The world over Valentine’s is silently considered to be the day when the man does something “awesome” for the lady. Though women are expected to reciprocate the same since a good turn deserves another, more often than not the ladies get away with it. For most comrades however only so much can be expected.

Ask any young man in campus under these economic times. There are just too many unsettled priorities before you can get to the bottom of the list where romance is.

The irony of this situation though, is that your girlfriend still expects something. This is the time when many students come up withemergency calls to their parents for additional text books or some constructed medical emergency and what have you. All in a bid to solicit some moolah to take their chicks out.  Save the nature walks and dinner in the hostel room for the clueless broke boys.

This Valentine’s Day enjoy your love and remember that in life, the best things are free. If you find yourself struggling to please your loved one then maybe you are not being honest enough. It is a lot easier to let them understand your situation.  A little effort wouldn’t hurt though. Perhaps some coffee. Or a movie. Something manageable but fancy. In short think out of the box and there will always be a cheap way to say those three words without sounding cheap.

But then again, this isn’t a relationship column now is it? What the heck?! Break the damn piggy bank!


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