Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

So it’s back to campus this week for most comrades after what must have been an activity filled holiday. Hard as it may be to accept, it’s an inescapable reality. But at least this time around, there’s something to look forward to with the dawn of the new year. Cliched as it may sound, every new year brings with it a simmering sense of promise more so for campuserians (well, any student really) as we edge ever closer to accomplishing the painstaking yet rewarding task of completing studies. Well, here’s a few tips that may come in handy this year as you trudge towards that seemingly distant goal.

Lectures are to be attended. However laborious it may seem the rewards that come with actually attending classes can never be overemphasized. Just refer to your most recent transcript for evidence. Yeah, it sucks to admit that parents and lecturers are actually right but the only way to justify the four (give or take) years spent on campus is by actually having learnt something by the time you leave the place. And how do you learn? There you go!

Network. Unlike high school, there’s no other platform to redeem yourself after campus. It’s the final frontier. Beyond it lies only one thing; life. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to be well prepared for it as you approach the final stretch. Sure, learning is key to accomplishing this but one of the most significant take-home’s from campus will be the relationships you develop while there. Be it classmates, roommates, lecturers, potential employers, heck even godfathers. The relationships you build in campus will be the extra ammo you’ll need after you ‘step out’. And best believe you will need it.

Any comrade worth the name will tell you that the measure of how good or bad a semester was is the number of kick ass parties you attended. What? It’s like the 753¼ th rule of comradeship! Granted, campus memories are made of such. So by all means, indulge. Besides, the world does not revolve around the library. It’s okay to venture a little bit but be wary not to lose your footing while at it. These be murky streets. You don’t want to miss out on the campus experience and end up club hopping on a walking stick in your twilight years but at the same time…you know how that one ends.

For heaven’s sake get hitched! You don’t have to get married or anything but at least make an attempt at sustaining a relationship for longer than a cab ride from the club. It may sound old fashioned but when you’re folks start hounding you on graduation day about what you brought home besides that ‘piece of paper’ it won’t be so funny. Besides, it’s campus, you’re literally spoilt for choice.

Now off with yourselves.


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