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Uncertainty continues to cloud the proposed double intake of students by the Joint Admissions Board (JAB) as form four leavers who had been hoping to join campus before the end of this year begin to lose hope. Despite efforts by the JAB officials to reassure the students that the double intake program is still on course, many of the aspiring comrades who have spent most of the year idle in the hope of joining campus with the current lot of freshers, have expressed their frustration at the poor implementation of the program. While the board has confirmed the admission of the 2010 KCSE graduates to various public universities, only a few have been officially called to their respective institutions. With the exception of the Kimathi University College where the students are expected to report on 5th September and Kenyatta University where a small number of 2010 KCSE graduates have been admitted for a few selected courses, no other public institution have shown any form of compliance to the JAB directive. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that students who sat for KCSE in 2009 have already begun streaming into public universities a fact that seems to add more frustration and despair on the 2010 lot. While it is apparent that the limited facilities and resources available in the universities are largely to blame for the hiccups in the implementation of the program, the failure by the concerned parties to offer any directives on what lies ahead has only created anxiety and confusion amongst the young comrades to be.

Editor’s Note: Moi University has since announced admission for 2010 KCSE graduates.

  1. raz says:

    hi..if moi university has confirmed implementation of double intake, when are the 2010 kcse candidates expected to report?

  2. leboo kim says:

    when is kenya polytechnic university college going to admit kcsae 2010 canditates?

  3. robert says:

    is seuco duoble intaking n when

  4. Vokey says:

    Hi, is it possible for 2010 students selected in moi university to join the campus this year?

  5. Mercy G says:

    Wen are the 2010 students in the school of bussines reporting?

  6. David says:

    If the various campuses would use the media we to clarify the reporting dates for 2010 jab students I would appreciate it. They are silent and then all of a sudden they post letters with like 30k being tuition money due to the raised cost of living;where do they think the ‘not-well up families to raise such an amount instantly? Meru university has already been struck by hunger,how will be the situation when the jab students arrive in Jan?if someone out there can ‘tell’ Meru university to say some thing about the date of admission of Jab students 2010

  7. Martin muriu says:

    What are the dates for admission in meru university college

  8. Reporting dates have not been given . it’s still causing worries to 2009 kcse who perceive it as likely to affect them

  9. Philemon kosgei says:

    When will 2010 k.c.s.e canditates admitted to meru university join? What about the admission letters?

  10. mwanasha rashid says:

    please inform the seuco 2010 kcse candidates about the exact reporting dates

  11. asuri melchi says:

    when are we (2010 kcse) reporting.we need to have a proper informatoin

  12. Rodney obayi says:

    When are (2010 kcse students) of university of Nairobi reporting?

  13. alicia kaiga says:

    when are the 2010 kcse students admitted in meru reporting?

  14. HILLARY KIPKOECH(aspiring JAB chairmanship 2030:2010 candidate) says:

    why do other public universities behave like KU by informing the 2010 group t exact date of admission? instead of stress

  15. starllone says:

    September 2012

  16. starllone says:

    You certainly can’t believe this! I visited the university of Nairobi main campus for inquiry, and they told me that until September 2012! that means there is no double intake at this particular university.

  17. sarah mabeya says:

    Hi,when are the bussiness students in Moi University(2010) reporting?

  18. Sharon says:

    Why is uon quiet abt the 2012 intake?

  19. fales lantare says:

    when then shall the 2010 students get their admissions especially the school of bussiness and economics in Moi university?

  20. ivy says:

    me too.I mean I just heard that the others will be reporting early next year. uon needs to say something …..

  21. harmon says:

    yah uon should just klia the air already if its sept 2012 y dont they jus say t… its beta than being anxious..

  22. Ndegwa shadrack hunde says:

    Plz inform me about 2010 kcse admission at SEUCO

  23. Amesh says:

    when are kcse 2010 candidates called to moi joining…. someone with information please give it to me …..

  24. Dennis Matheka says:

    When r 2010 candidates admitted to university of Nairobi reporting.I’ve so far not received adm letter.

    • ivy says:

      I just heard from someone that uon will be sending out the admission letters on Feb. I’m now waiting to see if its really true.

  25. Dennis ayoyi says:


  26. gwogi says:

    Quand sommes-nous des rapports a l’universite de Nairobi?

  27. QAMAA says:


  28. Alfred siele says:

    When is uon admission/reporting date?I am very anxious! And y should they not send us the letas?It,s aparent that tea is no Do-intake but y nt infom us ndo tujisot?

  29. Dennis Matheka says:

    When will the students admitted to University of Nairobi join?

  30. Kenneth Matu says:

    Kenneth Matu still confused since he’s never got an iota of these news from anyone! ati mnadai moi -business management ni wen?

  31. jonski says:

    uon ni mon 17th sept 2012….

  32. Mig says:

    Hey uon is 17th september?from which source did u get that?

  33. Alulu joseph prince jay says:

    The university of nairobi should update 2010 ksce candidates on intake dates.

  34. cyrus says:

    uon bana mbona kunyamaza hivi

  35. ivy says:

    what is it about this advertising feature that uon have been placing on the newspaper?do they mean that we need to go and register again? (the 2010 candidates)

  36. Elias says:

    Which advertisement ivy iam nt updated.?? UON mnatuanguasha.

  37. harmon says:

    ivy which advert?

    • ivy says:

      there’s this advertising feature in the middle of today’s paper.it also there last week.so I’m not sure if it also includes the jab applicants.we’ll just have to wait n see.

  38. harmon says:

    oh thats fo parallel students…

  39. Starllone says:

    hey, can somebody please tell me on the procedure for applying for the HELB loan
    (for kcse 2010 candidates admitted through JAB).or should i first wait for the admission letter from the university of nairobi?

  40. habib kisach says:

    hey kenyan students wen ar uon candidates joning pliz if u ave any clue let me k

  41. Josh says:

    its confirmed. UON will be sending out admission letters to the KCSE 2010 group as of March 16th.. the letters however do not contain the actual reporting date as it has not been set as of 16th March but its just to notify you that you have been admitted.. the reporting date will b a date in October 2012..

  42. ondieki gor says:

    this is crowding up facilitless learning institutions we waited let them too wait

  43. Symo says:

    Uon eei!dont b so queit

  44. Dennis Matheka says:

    @least adm letters hav bn rlsd w.e.f. 16th…Am eagerly waitin 4 mine.

  45. habib says:

    adm letters arent yet releasd nani kasema.thoz r jst admsion reports

  46. Collins says:

    Those notification letters are taking to long. Only a handful of those who are to join uon have gotten theirs. Which criteria is being used coz patience also has its limits if their aint no miracles. Eish!

  47. starllone says:

    i hear the UON has released some letters? how true is this? and what are the contents of these letters?

  48. Michael says:

    Hey uon cant u pliz tell us via internet wen wi r to report esp de courses involving sciences anxiety’s 2 much…

  49. elder kenn says:

    Kwani where were u,when people were learning??????????????nkt acheni mchezo double intake lot

  50. kipsang shadrack says:

    hey uon ur xo quite tel us somthng abt online acomdation 4 da undrgrduates n perhaps gv us details of ua adm dates n specific mnth we r woried if we r acualy stil in the list of jab.

  51. andrew says:

    When will kcse 2011 candidates receive their admission letters?

    • habib kisach says:

      this is areliable information thi tym round,next month we are receiving them.confirmed from the office.this july.be patient

      • EDUU says:

        stop wasting time i did kcse 2010 and am completing my 2nd year at UON wen mtakuwa freshers money is power.

  52. njoroh says:

    notify us on the reporting dates for the uon

  53. samuel mutinda says:

    can i apply for september 2012 intake now?

  54. Am Dennis Babu says:

    When is the 2011 candidates intake?

  55. Francis says:

    Uon can u plz do smthn tangible

  56. robert too says:

    is there university september intake for the 2011 kcse candidates

  57. Dominic sila says:

    I did my kcse in the year 2011 .am still waiting for jab admission .i fear to to report this year because am still waiting for national ID.How do you help such candidates like me who are told to report this year but they are still waiting for ID.

  58. kellie almond says:

    we are still confused on why jab is still withholding the names and courses for us 2011 candidates we were hopping 4 them to release the names and release them fast

  59. Ford J. says:

    Is that we are going 2wait till sept 2013 we of 2011 or uon is thinkng otherwise 2have do-intake this year?

  60. Kiplangat sang says:

    Gid Zang. it wil b unfair if UoN fails 2 absorb 2011 KCSE candidates tis yr…

  61. Kiplangat sang says:

    it wil b unfair if UoN fails 2 absorb 2011 KCSE candidates tis yr…

  62. Anthony ndung'u wanja says:

    I have received sms telling me that I have qualified to be admitted in kimathi university but I have not been informed when am ought to report,am stranded pliz assist

  63. JENNAH says:

    when are the 2011 candidates being admiited in ur uni.

  64. Wanja Anthony Ndungu says:

    Am asking for 2011 candidates not for 2010.

  65. When will we the 2011 candidates who have bee notified of qualifying for courses in kenya polytechini university college be admittid???

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