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It’s ‘fresher season’ in Maseno University as first year students join campus tomorrow while continuing students make final preparations ahead of their reporting date on 29th August after a four month holiday. But all is not well in the lakeside campus. Comrades at the institution have expressed discontent over the newly introduced online registration system citing major hitches and ineffectiveness in the procedure. According to the students, the automated system, which requires them to pay their fees in full before they can be allocated rooms, favours well-to-do students and discriminates against needy students who rely on the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). As a result, a large number of students in the campus risk missing out on the limited accommodation spaces since the loans are yet to be disbursed. In addition, the system, which is full of hitches, has been accused of being ineffective based on a directive that calls for all students to produce confirmation slips at the end of the online process which they must physically present to the Finance Officer before being cleared to occupy their respective rooms. The students have now resolved to revert to the old ‘push and pull’ system which essentially entails scrambling for rooms in ‘survival for the fittest’ fashion. Meanwhile, grassroots campaigns are already underway as student union elections, which are also expected to be conducted through the online portal, draw near in the campus. Aspirants for the Maseno University Students Union (SOMU) positions have begun luring voters through social media with the looming accommodation crisis proving to be a rather useful campaign tool.

  1. Eugene owino says:

    The university has to purchase rooms around Maseno, improve on them. If the rooms are far away they have to ferry students every morning and evening. This is a quick remedy to the looming problem. I need to be challenged on this.

  2. Robinson aming'a says:

    hw else can i apply 4t loan bila id? wasee nisaidie.any s.cut u no?

  3. fredrick otieno says:

    you guys really need to update your a fresher and is the lot of the double intake for may last year.w supposed to book for hostels online but until now,its just page error and don’t know when we are opening as well……..

  4. fredrick otieno says:

    that is may 2011,w are to be going back may 2012 and right now i don’t know what is happening.kindly give w students a heads up

  5. Neville Okumu says:

    What the Hell? Mashida hizi

  6. Agevi victor muhoma says:

    Procedures of online booking

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